Blood Brothers 1

Efe was my best acquaintance appropriate from the university days. We were so abutting that a lot of association in actuality anticipation we were claret brothers.

I met Efe one brilliant Monday if I was on a continued chain to access the campus shuttle traveling to the abiding website of the university, for my circadian lectures. As usual, a lot of acceptance had been on the line. Stronger, taller acceptance who were already acclimated to the circadian huddles of a academy environment.

I was a newbie, an ajebo of some sorts. Where I appear from, I was acclimated to orderliness, but the humans actuality seemed to affliction little or annihilation about that. One minute they were all in a individual book apprehension the never accessible academy buses, and addition minute the band break out at the afterimage of an abutting bus. They all bolt like boss buffaloes arising in leaps appear the alone access of the vehicle…

The able ones generally accomplish in accepting assimilate the bus, but the anemic ones like me a lot of times concluded up on the arenaceous ground, aching and hurt.

That day, I was bent to man up and be like the few able students, so anon I sighted a bus from the academy gate, I bound began the mad birr appear the on-coming vehicle, added acceptance followed clothing immediately. I ran as if my activity depended on it, the added accomplished ones anon ran accomplished me and hopped into the bus… I could see the accessible door, I mustered all my backbone and added my pace, I succeeded in accepting abutting abundant to the aperture but I had no abstraction how to jump in, I wasn’t “skilled” in the art of bus jumping like the others.

I just kept active afterwards the bus, anon the added acceptance chock-full in their advance and began laughing, they couldn’t accept why I would accept to accumulate active afterwards the bus instead of jumping in as was expected, cipher could assumption my dilemma… I kept running.

Then a abbreviate able duke just continued out of the aperture and a big articulation boomed “Grab my hands”, I was about casual out, with whatever backbone was larboard in me, I ran faster and affective authority of the hand, with such hasty backbone from a duke that slim, he abject me into the bus… If I got in, I saw the buyer of the hand, slim, tall, able analytic Efe, I thanked him and from afresh we somehow became friends.

We started accomplishing aggregate together, went to academy together, anachronous girls from the aforementioned place, we busy an accommodation and co habited, we became about inseparable.

Efe was fun to be around, he knew all the fun spots about campus, he knew the latest beer in town, which babe was simple to date and which club was accepting a band party. He was so real… he lived his activity like there was no tomorrow and aloft all, he was boss caring. He could accordance his eye to save yours.

I bethink one time if I was abiding aback to school, on the way I was attacked by hoodlums who took aggregate I had on me, including my academy fees, abridged money and books… I got to campus activity absolute sad and borderline of how I ll survive the semester.

But Efe did the a lot of hasty affair ever, he disconnected his baby abridged money ( he was from a actual apprehensive background) into two according parts, gave me bisected and took the added half, I banned but he insisted… that division was a asperous one, but in Efe’s words, we ”Rugged am together.

When we assuredly graduated, I was sad that I was traveling to be afar from the one accurate brother I had begin in the university, but Efe in his accepted address laughed it off, he promised to consistently be in blow and fabricated fun of how I cried calmly like a woman.

We beggared means and for 5 years I didn’t apprehend or apprehend from Efe. I approved all accessible means to ability out to him, but it seemed as if he had just vanished into attenuate air. I got a job with an Insurance abutting and gradually, the candied memories began to achromatize off… I started active a accustomed life, aggravating to reside afterwards my accomplice in everything, it was difficult but I pulled through.

Then one evening, afterwards the abutting of work, I was abiding home from work, annoyed and exhausted. I absitively to drive through the beneath cartage chock-full wuse 2 road, alert to bendable music arrant from the woofers of my bmw fx series, addition car was branch appear me at abounding acceleration in the adverse direction, a Honda accordance car. I approved to administer the brakes, but it was too late… Whammmmmmmm

We ran into anniversary added like a backpack of eggs falling harder on concrete. The appulse aggrandized my airbag, luckily it wasn’t activity threatening, my bonanza was abominably damaged admitting and the windscreen of the Honda shattered. I alighted from my car baking with acerbity and accessible to absolutely accordance with whoever was in that car.

“Mad man, are you blind, don’t you apperceive how to drive”

I shouted as I menacingly absolved appear the Honda accord, the disciplinarian came out with a few cuts on his forehead accessible to aswell avert himself (you apperceive Nigerians na) I kept blubbering and agreeable at the top of my voice. Humans that had apparent the blast appear started gathering, not to advice but just to watch how things would play out.

The disciplinarian was a alpine angular man of about my age, with a balding arch and abounding mustache, he absolved arid appear me with aperture accessible as if he had just apparent a ghost.

I kept agreeable and accepting accessible for a faceoff:

“Idiot, active like an animal, walahi you just bought market,I swear…

Then he just alleged my name:



I chock-full out of shock. How on apple did he apperceive my name?

I looked carefully and a assertive acquaintance started to edge in… yes he was balding and a lot fairer but yes, it was my Efe, in beef and blood… I couldn’t accept my eyes

I screamed out his name and Hugged him, the army was dumbfounded, they couldn’t get what was happening, they were assured a anchor off and actuality we were adhering anniversary added like new begin lovers.

But we cared less, we were so blessed to see anniversary other… we laughed, hugged, attending at anniversary added and hugged ourselves again.

I was so blessed to see Efe.

He fabricated a advancement that we go about and allocution able-bodied and I agreed. We got into our cars but his wouldn’t alpha again, bound he got into abundance and we collection off with the army still abashed at the about-face of events, they just kept blurred to themselves.

We talked and talked about activity afterwards school, I basic to apperceive why he had just abolished into attenuate air like that with no communication. He apologized to me and explained that he had abutting the Nigerian appropriate armament anon afterwards NYSC and was beatific to IRAN for appropriate training, as a aftereffect he couldn’t ability out to anybody, he had just alternate and was in the basic to see if he could ability anyone who knew my whereabouts… His belief about brought tears to my eyes, I had absent this dude so actual much.

I told him about how arid my activity had been afterwards him, I lived the six o alarm life… woke up in the morning by 6 am, arch to the office, abutting by six, yield the one hour drive home, abide the aforementioned amphitheater 6 canicule a week.

He laughed and promised me that now that he was back, he will accomplish abiding I had a amusing life… he was so actual abundant like the Efe in school, annihilation had afflicted about him, he was still jovial, airy and abounding of life… I wondered how he was able to cope with the army.

I collection to a baby alliance I occasionally visited, we got in and ordered for some drinks. I requested for softs but Efe would accept none of it, he asked the bar breakable to accompany in some harder brewed whiskey. I told him how continued ago I had tasted alcohol, he just laughed it off.

The booze was served forth with broiled catfish and prawn fillings diced with pizza chips and auto toppings. It was such an aberrant atmosphere, one I had absent for so long. I enjoyed his aggregation so abundant that I kept bubbler and drinking, assuredly the booze had its assessment on me and I started vomiting.

EFe kept bedlam harder at my low booze tolerance, he affective me by the accoutrements and acclaim abject me appear my car. He threw me in the passenger’s bench and got in the driver’s seat. He began analytic for the keys and I just chuckled and arid acclimated my appropriate deride to alpha the car. He was acutely impressed.

I arid gave him the admonition to my abode and he started active with loud music arrant from the speakers, as the music blared, Efe sang along. Efe was still Efe, music admiring and loud…

When I anticipate of that day, I admired I had apprenticed the car, I admired I hadn’t gotten so drunk, I admired we hadn’t even gone to that spot, I admired I hadn’t even anesthetized that route… maybe things would accept been altered now, maybe I wouldn’t accept this amount of a accountability on my physique now.

After 30 minutes, we got abutting to the Local airport, I could acquaint because even admitting I was drunk, my apperception was still actual sharp. We came above a checkpoint with four policemen, two on anniversary ancillary of the road.

Efe slowed down as was expected, I was bisected acquainted but in a bashed state, I could about move a morsel. If the car stopped, the badge man on my ancillary flashed his ablaze ablaze into the vehicle, he saw me sprawled helplessly on the commuter ancillary blurred incomprehensible nonsense.

The accepted artery badge claiming began, He was asked to accommodate the particulars of the car he was driving, In his accepted Affable address Efe approved badinage with them, he told them that the car belonged to his friend, me, that they should accordance him some account to allocution to me. Just afresh the added badge administrator whispers to the man I doubtable to be their band leader, he ordered Efe to stop in his tracks.

Efe, apprehensive what the accomplished ball was about, stopped. The administrator ordered him to easily up in the air. Surprised, Efe began answer to them that he was a affiliate of the armed armament and in actuality had his id agenda with him, he fabricated to put his easily in his aback abridged to accompany out his wallet and Gbammmmmmmmm was the next complete I heard… He had been attempt beeline in the chest by an agitable administrator who anticipation he was extensive out for a gun…

Immediately I had the gun shot, the booze akin in my eyes seemed to accept evaporated, I jumped down from the car with doubtful activity and ran appear him, the admiral ordered me to stop but I didn’t, I got to his dying anatomy and aerial him in my accoutrements arrant profusely.

The admiral pounced on me, abject me abroad and searched the dying Efe. If they apparent that absolutely he was a affiliate of the armed armament from his I.d card, they ran into their convoying vans and collection off, abrogation a bashed me abaft with a bloodied friend.

I somehow managed to annoyance him into the car and collection him agilely to the hospital, I got to the gates with such acceleration the gatemen knew there was an emergency, and bound opened the gate.

I alighted from the car and screamed for a stretcher, one was brought and Efe was wheeled into the hospital. The doctors came and I explained what appear in actual breathless sentences because I still had booze in my system. Afterwards alert to me, they insisted I provided a badge address citation hospital behavior as a basis. I approved to explain to them that he was attempt by the police, how on apple he accepted the aforementioned badge to affair a badge address in such instance. The Doctors were adamant, I was mad with rage, I rushed over to the Bleeding Efe, and he was arid bottomward into shock. I was confused, didn’t apperceive what to do… I approved to authority him in my arms, assure him that all was wel. He kept spewing out blood, he arid put his duke in his aback abridged and brought out his id card. Bound I calm it and ran to the doctors.

On acknowledging that he was a affiliate of the Armed forces, Efe was wheeled into the theater.

The doctors approved all they could, but he was above saving, in beneath than 45 minutes, Efe was dead, as asleep as a aperture nail… I was shattered.

I couldn’t ascendancy my ache if the account was torn to me, I fell into shock and was rushed into the emergency allowance for medical attention.

I was in the hospital for three days, I didn’t wish to deathwatch up… I basic to die too, I acquainted guilty, like I was amenable for his death, like if I had been sane abundant to drive he apparently would accept been alive, I acquainted like I had acquired the afterlife of the alone one being that had fabricated my activity account living, the alone brother I had in life… up till this day, I accumulate accepting that connected accusation that I had acquired the afterlife of my alone accurate friend.

A anniversary later, the army authorities came for Efe’s body, I was arrive for debriefing and I explained in abounding what transpired that night, as abundant as I could remember. I begin out that he had listed me as his next of kin, I was called by the army to chase a aggregation of admiral to advertise his annihilation to his mother and new abundant wife…

I about declined, but it was the alone affair I could do for a man that gave his activity for me…

Efe was eventually active in the Army officers’ blend abutting to the presidential villa, I abounding his burying and was sad for two beeline weeks, I couldn’t even go to the office.

Three years later, I am appropriately affiliated with two kids and active in a nice comfortable house. One day,I am sitting watching television in the abode if my new wife comes in argumentation that she wants to watch a new television absoluteness show… that she basic to see her admired adversary win.

I angry afflicted the base and to her preffered best and the TV appearance began, it was the big brother naija show… I absent absorption center and was about comatose off if one of the housemates bent my attention… He had continued hair like dreads, was aphotic and tall. I looked closer, the amount formed a face in my brain, he looked so abundant like somebody I knew.

My wife saw my abnormal beam and said:

Baby, this one your eyes are concentrated on Efe like this, are you aswell his fan?

Efe! Yes, the name rang an burning bell. Anon the images formed in my academician became abundant clearer… continuing appropriate in foreground of me on television was Efe, my actual Efe, darker,with hair now, but still my Efe.

I had watched Efe active abysmal in the arena at the cemetery and actuality he was reside on TV! My aperture arid opened in admiration as I gradually anesthetized into oblivion.